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I have reached the end of the first week of my.... I don't know what I want to call it XD The first week of my better habits? We'll go with that XD

I've really done much better this week than I could have anticipated. Not only with my calorie counting and exercise, but with other habits I am trying to establish as well. My sleep schedule may get a little messed up with my work schedule this week, but I'm still trying to go to bed earlier and earlier until I'm happy with it... I've been pretty consistent in when I've gone to bed, but not when I actually get to sleep. I'm finding that I really do enjoy being up in the morning instead staying up until the morning. Oh shit, that sounded like an adult talking >> *quickly runs to get Buildabears to cuddle*

I totally forgot to get my first week pony at work today, so I shall have to acquire her later. When doing calorie counting before, I gave myself a day off a week to eat whatever I want. I don't think I'm going to do that this time. I'm only going to give myself a day off if I really need it... like I know I will have to have a cookie dough day during my period and such XD Right now I have no desire to binge and that is really an amazing thing.

Tomorrow will be my first weigh-in and I'll see how I've done! I'm sure I've lost some already, but just how much I'm excited to see ^^


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