Jul. 4th, 2013

Freaking Ow

Jul. 4th, 2013 11:46 am
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On my way to work yesterday, I almost broke the toes on my right foot T___T

I was on the bus, like I do. It was one of those double long buses, which have the kinda accordion fold looking thing in the middle to connect the two sections. If you've never been on a bus like that, there's a very hard plastic barrier next to the accordion part. I was sitting in the seats right behind the plastic barrier. I pulled the cord for my stop and as the bus slowed down, I got up to make my way to the door, as I usually do. But just then, the bus stopped short and slammed my toes into the plastic barrier. I was wearing sandals since I was all dressed up for CC. I didn't think much of it, like it hurt of course, but I just got off the bus and started limping to the mall hoping the pain would just go away like when you stub your toe. As I got there I felt something wet on my sandal... and it was all bloody. I didn't know which toe I was bleeding from, but I hobbled my ass to the bathroom near work and cleaned off my foot and sandal. My toes were swollen and blood was still coming from under the toenail of my middle toe. It didn't rip off the toenail thank god, but it was bleeding for awhile. I made my way to work, where there were bandaids, and bandaged myself up and hobbled around the entire night. It really started to hurt by the end of the night.

It feels better now today, only my middle toe hurts. I can bend it so at least its not broken. Whatever happened to/under the toenail still hurts though. I'm just going to take it easy and not walk on it too much so hopefully it can heal. I have off from work today fortunately. Good thing I got my exercising in the past few days... no way I can DDR with a hurt toe. My legs are pretty sore from doing so much anyways so I should probably take a break as it is.

On a totally unrelated note, Happy 4th to anyone who celebrates it :3 Last day my nails will be red white and blue XDD
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I've had an on and off relationship with idols for the past year. Well, I've been a fan of Fudanjuku since 2010, but I got more heavily into exploring more idols last summer. I started with NMB48 and went from there. I listened to a lot of groups, watched a lot of videos, but there wasn't that one person that jumped out at me and said "I am here, I am your oshi, looove meeeee." I liked Passpo and Okunaka Makoto for awhile... got into AKB for awhile and Kuromochi Asuka... but my love for them wasn't lasting. For a few months I thought maybe idols weren't for me. I still listened to and followed FDJ as always but my interest in other groups seemed to have dropped off.

A few weeks ago, I listened to NMB's new single and I was like wtf, why did I ever stop listening to these amazing girls? My dokis for them have come back stronger than ever. I get in such a good mood listening to them, and they've helped me get through my most recent downward depression slope. They have earned a special place in my heart.

I love Yamamoto Sayaka a lot. And not just because she looks an awful lot like Seshiru XD I love her voice and her style and how hilariously funny she is. She's an awesome talented person and I thought perhaps at last, I've finally found the idol that I think of as *my* idol. *My* oshimen.

But perhaps I was mistaken. I've acquired the Team N 2nd Stage DVD. I hadn't watched any of the live stages yet, I've just seen all their PVs. I started the DVD.... and someone else caught my eye first. Of course I squeed over Sayanee cuz I do love her so much but... this girl. This girl has given me the biggest idol-related dokis I have ever had.

Koyanagi Arisa... Arii.

I haven't even finished the DVD yet, because I got to Arii singing Blue Rose with Sayanee, Maachun, and Ainyan... and there was tummy and thighs and dsglkjdfgkgf. I literally screamed lol I had to stop the DVD and find out everything I could about Arii.

In searching for info and pictures, I found this entry on tumblr: http://rainsweet.tumblr.com/post/51155530049/koyanagi-arisas-google-i-wont-give-up-on-my-dream (written by the girlfriend of someone I've known for years, funnily enough)

Now I know why I hadn't really known her too well, despite my watchings of PVs and listening to singles. This tumblr entry, and what she wrote on her Google+ just makes me love her even more. Although the part about not participating in the senbatsu election makes me sad. She is wonderful and beautiful, I'm sure she hasn't gone unnoticed. She hasn't by me, at least.

I'm going to write her a comment on her G+ even though she made that post over a month ago. I want her to know she has a supporter all the way in America who loves her so much and is cheering her on in continuing to pursue her dream.

She is it. She is my idol oshimen. I finally found the one I was looking for.


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